PodChats for FutureCISO: Incorporating enterprise-wide GenAI strategies

September 02, 2023 CXOCIETY | FutureCIO FutureCFO FutureIoT Season 4
PodChats for FutureCISO: Incorporating enterprise-wide GenAI strategies
Show Notes

Gartner says the mass availability of generative AI has become a top concern for enterprise risk executives in the second quarter of 2023. It was mentioned by 66% of 249 senior risk executives, just one point behind third-party viability and ahead of financial planning uncertainty.

Ran Xu, a research director in the Gartner Risk & Audit Practice says this reflects both the rapid growth of public awareness and usage of generative AI tools, as well as the breadth of potential use cases and therefore potential risks, that these tools engender.

Since GenAI going mainstream is now inevitable, perhaps risk managers can use the very same technology to mitigate the risks that come with the technology. 

Ramprakash Ramamoorthy, director of research at ManageEngine, joins us today on PodChats for FutureCISO, to help us understand our options.

1.       Deception brilliance: How is Generative AI (including ChatGPT) enabling more phishing scams and malicious deepfakes in the enterprise?

2.       Briefly, can you describe how is generative AI being used to attack users? 

3.       What can the CISO/CIO do to better manage the proliferation/use of GenAI by endusers in the company?

4.       Who should the CISO engage to better counter the risks of GenAI? 

5.       What does an updated security framework that incorporates the potential benefits and risks of AI look like?

6.       We are still in the very early days of GenAI as an enterprise technology. Can CISOs ever have a hope of creating and enforcing security frameworks that are able to adapt to whatever new threats come?

7.       Given as you call it, AI is pivotal, are the current generation of security tools/frameworks can handle any threats that come as a result of the use of GenAI?

8.       We are coming into 2024, what trends can we expect as far as the evolution of AI, including generative AI as it relates to security?