Podchat for FutureCISO: Securing Generative AI for enterprises

September 03, 2023 CXOCIETY | FutureCIO FutureCFO FutureIoT Season 4
Podchat for FutureCISO: Securing Generative AI for enterprises
Show Notes

Artificial intelligence has been immortalised in movies with hits like "Bicentennial Man", "Upgrade" and its namesake "Artificial Intelligence" by Steven Spielberg. 

These days AI is getting a revival in the enterprise following OpenAI's launch of Chat Generative Pre-trainer Transformer on 30 November 2022. The large language model-based chatbot, more popularly known as ChatGPT, is making a lot of buzz in the boardroom, at conferences and almost everywhere imaginable.

But as with other emerging technologies, generative AI carries as many risks as it offers opportunities. In today's PodChats for FutureCISO, we are joined by Sanjay Deshmukh, senior regional vice president for ASEAN and India at Snowflake to help us better understand how to secure Generative AI for enterprises.

1.       What are the top 3 pros and cons of letting loose Generative AI in the enterprise?

2.       Speaking of security, given that GenAI is still evolving, how can the CIO/compliance officer mitigate the potential risks associated with this technology?

3.       Does your approach of taking the LLM to the data necessitate the need for a sizeable compute infrastructure on the part of the enduser organisation?

4.       How do you get around local/national data sovereignty regulations if the condition for an enduser to use your LLM technology is to have the customer's data reside in your platform – which could be outside the borders of the customer's country of operation?

5.       For leaders tasked with supervising the adoption of GenAI, how should they balance the desires for innovation, vis-à-vis the opportunities and risks that come with something that is still evolving?