PodChats for FutureCIO: Overcoming Challenges in Automation and Integration

September 17, 2023 CXOCIETY | FutureCIO FutureCFO FutureIoT Season 4
PodChats for FutureCIO: Overcoming Challenges in Automation and Integration
Show Notes

We continue to hear that digital transformation remains a priority for many business leaders in Asia. That said, transformation means different things to different functions within the organisation. Yes, there are common themes like enhancing customer experience, improving productivity and greater collaboration not just among employees but even business partners. 

But outside of the rhetoric about the holistic benefits to be achieved with transformation, it falls on the CIO to introduce changes in either technology or workflow to facilitate the transformation. 

In today's PodChats for FutureCIO, we are pleased to have Carter Busse, chief information officer at Workato walk us through the realities of automation integration.

1.       Gartner says when it comes to digitalisation, 60% of organisations are struggling to scale digital initiatives. This gap between the desire of leadership to digitalise the business (87%) and making it a reality is widening. Why is that?

2.       How can enterprises get to the next level in their digitalization journey using automation to expedite transformation efforts?

3.       What are some key challenges faced by enterprises in automating complex workflows and processes and how can they overcome them?

4.       Drawing from your own experiences, what key learnings can you share for other CIOs tasked with the same responsibility?

5.       While the principles and technology behind automation are universal, how automation is applied to each department is likely going to be different, and possibly the experiences of affected staff will differ depending on culture and openness to new ideas. 
 As a CIO, what was your approach to minimising tension in the process of introducing automation in workflows/integrating new ways of work into existing operations?

6.       Following the near-universal interest around ChatGPT, how do you see AI supporting both the modernisation efforts of the organisation? Any best practices for the CIO?

7.       Coming into 2024, what do you envision will be the bigger challenges and priorities for CIOs?