PodChats for FutureCISO: Securing corporate online relationships

October 05, 2023 CXOCIETY | FutureCIO FutureCFO FutureIoT Season 4
PodChats for FutureCISO: Securing corporate online relationships
Show Notes

One of the characteristics of the recent decade is an increasingly connected global community with some events that occur in one region that would impact other parts of the world. In the business community, a recurring theme of the digitalisation era is improving the engagement with the customer. 

One of the revelations of the COVID pandemic is just how reliant we are on ecosystems of suppliers and partners to support the new customer engagement paradigm.

In this PodChat for FutureCISO, Geoff Schomburgk, the Regional Vice President for Asia Pacific and Japan at Yubico, will lend his insights into how we can maintain a trusting relationship digitally and online.

1.                   When we think of ‘online relationships’, people tend to think about it in a traditional sense but why should businesses and its employees be wary of their online relationships with suppliers, service providers or even customers?

2.                   Speaking of digital identity, are online service providers generally expected to keep our accounts and personal data secure?

3.                   In the security space, the term security perimeter. How does Zero Trust negate the shortcomings of traditional authentication methods?

4.                   Why are you encouraging a call to action aimed at the providers of online services that they should be doing more to keep their online services safe and secure from predators?

5.                   How secure are passkeys based on FIDO2 standards?

6.                   What does the broad move towards passkeys spell for businesses and end-users in Asia Pacific? 

7.                   What are some key hurdles to a passwordless future, and how could they be overcome? 

8.                   In your opinion, why and how should industries and organizations in Asia Pacific see a wider adoption of and access to passkey security?

9.                   What are the major tech companies doing to make us change how we protect our online relationships?

10.               For CISOs, any best practices for introducing and even demanding from suppliers the use of passkeys? How can they get buy-in from CIOs, IT and the C-suite?

11.               2024 is around the corner. What is your expectation of the security landscape?