PodChats for FutureCIO: Transitioning AI from hype to intent

November 12, 2023 CXOCIETY | FutureCIO FutureCFO FutureIoT Season 4
PodChats for FutureCIO: Transitioning AI from hype to intent
Show Notes

Forrester predicts that 2024 will usher in the era of intentional AI where gimmicks and technical experimentation of GenAI will give way to more focused and strategic initiatives. 

With us today on PodChats for FutureCIO is Fred Giron, VP, senior research director at Forrester to help us under how to transition AI from hype to intent.

1.       Forrester sees AI as enabling organisations to pivot into leadership roles. There have been other technologies that we predicted to transform organisations. What makes AI different?

2.       Given the disparity in the level of maturity of markets in Asia, including low levels of data literacy and the scarcity of experienced local staff, how do you see organisations outside of large and MNC companies, capitalising on the potential of AI?

3.       Realistically, what would need to be done (or to happen) for local enterprises to start their AI journey? [click mouse]

4.       Speaking of risks, in many parts of Asia, regulatory frameworks around the use of AI have yet to be set. Will this present adoption challenges for local players in regulated sectors like healthcare and financial services? [click mouse]

5.       Technical debt continues to be a growing concern among non-IT leaders in organisations. Do you see AI adoption as further driving organisations into debt they can’t afford?

6.       Are there any proven approaches to better managing costs (technical debt) without giving up on the AI dream of a better future? 

7.       Any guidance for business leaders looking to balance the benefits and risks associated with emerging technologies like AI, even as they aspire to capture the promises of these yet to be field-tested in commercial environment solutions? [click mouse]

8.       2024 is just around the corner. What are your predictions for AI use in the coming year? 

9.       Do you see AI taking over jobs?